SÖLVESBORGCUPEN in Blekinge is organized in June.

Tournaments dates for the 2024 edition of Sölvesborgcupen are June 16th-18th.

The age groups for 10 - 12-year-olds play 7 vs. 7.

The age groups for 13 and 14 year-olds play 9 vs. 9.

The age group for 15 year-olds play 11 vs. 11.

We offer full accommodation for participating teams  (SCHOOL) . You can also choose staying at the hotel within 20 minutes by car.   
More information about accommodation can be found in the invitation.

The games are played on artificial and natural grass on Svarta Led, Edenryd, Lörby, and Strandvallen in Sölvesborg. 


Payment confirms the registration of the team.

No reimbursement of the team participation fee after  February  1st.

No reimbursement of the individual participation fee after May 1st.

If you have any questions regarding Sölvesborgcupen 2024, please contact us on:

email: riki.simic@welovefootball.se