Fair Play Corner

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Newbody - Sölvesborgcupen promotes Fair Play for all visitors and participants.

The tournament should be viewed as an educational opportunity for participating players, leaders and coaches, both on and off the pitch.

The tournament promotes Fair Play and the equal value of all human beings to all participants and visitors.

As a part of the tournament's longterm work with making the event a safe place and environment for both children and adults, the Fair Play Corner is established.

Fair Play Corner aims to:
- educate players, leaders, parents and other visitors in basic values and Fair Play.
- promote a safe sports environment for children and adults.
- create a central location for participants and visitors that need help and support during the event.
- offer educated and experienced staff.
- be a role model for organizations, teams, parents, children and youth.
- in a exemplary way contribute to Fair Play and the equal value of all human beings.

More information about the Fair Play Corner will be presented during the event.