Onsala BK F0403

Registration number: 3123
Registrator: Niclas Johansson Log in
Primary shirt color: White
Leader: Niclas Johansson
Niklas Legnedahl
Third place and the bronze medal of Slutspel A
2:nd highest goal count per match among the teams in F0403 (2.4)
2:nd highest goal count among the teams in F0403 (17)
Onsala BK was one of 78 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Sölvesborgcupen 2019. They participated with one team in Flickor 15/16.

In addition to Onsala BK, 10 other teams played in Flickor 15/16. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Onsala BK could be found in Group B together with Lörby IF/Sölvesborgs GOIF, Saltsjöbadens IF, Linköping Kenty, Svalöv BK/Röstånga IS/Kågeröd Boif and Sundbyberg IK.

Onsala comes from Onsala which lies approximately 220 km from Sölvesborg, where Sölvesborgcupen takes place. The area around Onsala does also provide 9 additional clubs participating during Sölvesborgcupen 2019 (Näsets SK, FC West, Örgryte IS, Warta If, Sävedalens IF, Västra Frölunda IF, Mölnlycke IF, Qviding FIF and Älvsborg FF).

7 games played


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