Staffanstorp United

Staffanstorp United was one of 78 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Sölvesborgcupen 2019. They participated with two teams in Pojkar 12. Two teams played until in Slutspel A; Pojkar 12 1 won over Dösjöbro IF 1 by 3-0 but Pojkar 12 2 .

Staffanstorp United comes from Staffanstorp which lies approximately 96 km from Sölvesborg, where Sölvesborgcupen takes place. The area around Staffanstorp does also provide 10 additional clubs participating during Sölvesborgcupen 2019 (Linero IF, Dösjöbro IF, Furulunds IK, Södra Sandby IF, Trelleborgs FF, FC Staffanstorp, Svalöv BK/Röstånga IS/Kågeröd Boif, Kulladals FF, Vellinge if and LB07).

10 games played


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